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Jim and Karen Hagen

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karen with horses

Jim and Karen Hagen have combined their many years of experience, talents and expertise together to form the J Bar K Ranch located in Angels Camp, CA.

The ranch is a classical California ranch located in a picturesque setting in the Mother Lode area between historic highways 4 and 49. It is well maintained, and offers an authentic experience in ranch living. 

Jim and Horse

Many tourist attractions are available in the area, such as skiing, wine tasting, touring old mines, shopping, hiking, swimming, and visiting the many casinos with high caliber entertainment and galleries in the area of the Mother Lode. A small community airport is located in Angels Camp just 10 minutes away from the ranch. There are 3 world class golf courses and resorts within 15 minutes of the Ranch.

J Bar K Ranch

This ranch was chosen by Jim and Karen not only because of its beauty and potential but because of the many assets it provides for the business they are planning there. The ranch pastures the many horses used for both Kirkwood Stables and Natural Hoofprints.

Jim Hagen

Jim Hagen  - Kid operated for over 18 years by Jim Hagen arkwood Stables, founded, developed, annd then with his wife , Karen Hagen. Jim holds the U.S.F.S. Special Use Permit for the Mokelumne Wilderness in the Eldorado National Forest. Jim’s experience with horses in Kirkwood has been enhanced with his knowledge of the high Sierras and his mountain expertise. Jim has been employed by Kirkwood Ski Resort for over 25 years as Ski Patrol, Grooming, Managerial positions and snow removal.

Jim also shoes horses and does equine and ranch fencing around the foothills. Kirkwood Stables operates seasonally every Summer, mid June through mid October, with guided trail rides and pack trips providing rich wilderness experiences for riders, attracting naturalists, photographers, hikers, astronomers, school groups, families, and a variety of organizations. Customers and Natural Hoofprints clients experience Mountain Horsemanship Camps with Jim as their knowledgeable guide throughout the summer season with Kirkwood Stables.

Jim on horse

Karen with horse

Karen Parelli Hagen ·Natural Hoofprints is an educational program conducted at the J Bar Ranch and she conducts clinics at ranches in Northern California as well as other select areas. She enjoys an international reputation as a recognized expert in equine behavior and offers her services to horse owners desiring to improve their skill at handling their horses. Karen especially enjoys conducting intensive horsemanship courses and studies for those with their own horses.

Natural Hoofprints is the culmunation of 30 years experience living and working with horses. I have always loved horses and I have made my life's work trying to live with a greater understanding of the horse. I worked with my former husband Pat Parelli to develop the comprehensive PARELLI NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP program, and am currently offering NATURAL HOOFPRINTS as my own program. The NH program is taught with emphasis on individualized teaching. The process begins with evaluation of the horse and the rider together.

I combine different levels of riders and horses because horses learn from other horses and people learn from other people with their horses!  My programs involve practical experiences for practical application. I also like to make it fun and relaxed so what you learn may become natural to you.

Karen Hagen