Ace of Cups - The beginning of things emotional and creative - the experience of joy, transcendent love and happiness. Your mind is filled with the spirit of love - you have the capacity to accurately express the internal feelings you experience. It is time for you to open your psychic, spiritual and unconscious channels. Be receptive to all the hopes and doubt that arise when you pursue any goal. FEEL your "inner" connection - your desire to nurture your goal along. Pay attention to the little details and you will be blessed with spiritual sensitivity and insight. Emotional fulfillment, perfection, blessings - receptivity...the opening of the heart chakra, the genital or solar plexus chakras.

Your "emotional" acceptance is required before any project can develop and flourish. LOVE gives your life meaning - it represents your clear, open, trusting, spiritual heart. This is the commencement of a love affair - developments that will effect your home and result in happiness. Sexual/emotional potential applying to relationships and to creative projects. May be a proposal of love or of marriage - the offering of oneself to another. The offering of oneself to the world through one's talents and energies. Ecstasy is yours if you have the courage to completely live out the full range of all your emotions - do not sensor or deny any feeling - they are all divine. Ecstasy is emotional intensity that comes from truly living and living is "feeling" - feel everything! Live life in all its passion and boredom, in all its pleasure and fear, in all its quiet satisfaction and raging anger, in all its ups and downs - be totally living and loving. Be emotionally honest - feel your deep spirituality and love completely. The ultimate and successful completion of emotional and/or creative matters to the highest standards. God's message delivered straight to the heart - God's grace. Emotional, creative nourishment - cleansing, healing, happiness with relationships and self-expression.

Questions to Answer: What is making you feel good right now? What would you like to do to indulge yourself? What or who is offering you nurturing or love? What messages are you receiving from your dreams and visions? What does your heart feel most open to?