Ace of Cups (R) - Non-activity is draining your energy. You are bored - you need "change" and new goals. Your life is at a standstill - you are feeling depressed, unwanted and you need a spiritual uplift. You are experiencing difficulty with a new beginning or the completion of an old emotional issue and it is creating a blockage in the heart, genital or solar plexus chakra. There may be too much of an opening or a problem with timing. You can bring about your own unhappiness by not recognizing what life has to offer you or by reacting violently when what you really need is "calm". When it "appears" that life has turned against you - accept that problems as well as joy are a natural part of the life experience. It is time for you to allow your "Inner" Self to explore and find a purpose. Experience your emotional balance - be willing now to nurture, support, comfort and heal yourself in equal proportions to how you would nurture, support, comfort and heal another. Trust your feelings - express them openly without over-extending or over-protecting yourself emotionally. Demonstrate your love with a clear, trusting, open heart.

Questions to Answer: What is making you feel good right now? What would you like to do to indulge yourself? What or who is offering you nurturing or love? What messages are you receiving from dreams and visions? What does your heart feel most open to?