Ace of Pentacles (R) - Difficulty getting a project started or finished on time or to satisfaction. Inability to handle a basic, debilitating fear. Accept that you are capable of making the wrong choices and use your gifts of practical organization. Trust your "inner" voice now. Draw off your "inner" strengths to manifest what you want in both the internal and external worlds. The time has come for you to leave the familiar behind and travel through the Gateway to the mountains of wisdom. You have learned how material gifts can be abused by selfishness, by extreme competition or mistrust, by an over-dependency on security and comfort. Use this knowledge and wisdom to deal with your problems. It is time for you to move on - grow up and assert your independence.

Questions to Answer: What new opportunities for work, stability, home, money or health do you have? What is making you feel secure and grounded? How can you use a recent gift? What plan are you putting in motion? What kind of seeds are you planting? How are you being rewarded for your accomplishments?