Ace of Swords - Intellect - true perception and mental clarity - your mind is balanced, receptive and has moved through doubt and confusion into expanded awareness. The beginning or successful completion of mental matters to the highest standards. New concepts or proposals. Intellectual fulfillment, perfection, blessings - awards for mental achievement. Clarity of thought. Peel away the masks now - cut through the "illusions" and analyze what needs to be done using your logic. Take the necessary steps to implement your ideas and actualize your important dream or purpose. Believe in your minds ability to be brilliant, let it shine through your passion and interest. "Judge" the pros and cons of various methods, research the information you need and cut through the unnecessary details. Keep focused on the point and develop your idea systematically. Success is now taking root - STOP WORRYING - this is the beginning of something new. Put all your energy into new plans and new ideas. Keep your thoughts on the happiness of tomorrow - you can make it happen if you want to.

Wisdom leads you beyond the illusions and limitations to the spiritual truths contained within life. Intellect alone, without intuition - leads only to more illusion. You need LOVE if you wish to find spiritual truth. Your intellect takes you beyond the "immediate" emotional experience - truth and awareness come from a deeper level of spiritual values and experience, leading you back to Spirit. Your emotions are a "gift", they enable you to experience life intensely while they remain hard to hold on to and even harder to direct. Your intellect helps you pierce through the fog to give you a clear understanding of the real facts.

You are highly analytical, rational, self-assured now. You have developed excellent communication, administration and teaching/learning skills. Intense focus on what interests you will bring insightful clarity. Trust your imagination - become creative - open your mind. Use your logical reasoning to put your ideas into a workable order, then refine them so that they appeal to others. Allow your Throat Chakra to open and develop, for it connects you to the shaft of light which illuminates the mind and aligns the seven chakras with words of truth. Your communication becomes visible, conscious and delivered through external means. Your mind knows the truth and the information you are receiving is reliable.

Questions to Answer: What new problem are you confronting? What is on your mind? What do you need to analyze? Are you being just and fair? What decision do you need to face? Can you determine the truth of the matter? What legal, writing or research opportunities have been presented to you?