Ace of Swords (R) - Difficulty with the early stages of formulating an idea, a plan or your goals. The confusion of too many ideas or the indecision of too few - creating trouble with completion. Your mental talents must fit the situation - see if you are too strong or too weak for the situation at hand. Sometimes, experiencing a negative is necessary in order to achieve something better - triggering the strength of your mind into action. Never use pressure to achieve your goals - check everything, look for any weak areas in your plans and make them carefully. Never be hasty - take the time to make sure everything is in its proper order and always remember that there are two sides to everything.

Unabashed honesty at an unnecessary moment or outright lies when truth is crucial. When your grip on reality fails - it brings with it illusion, overpowering emotions, confused ideas and mixed feelings. Without a clear sense of your reality - your mind can fall prey to mistakes created by these emotions. Problems become exaggerated and everything, including attractions - "appear" to be more important than they actually are. Take hold of yourself now - see through the illusions and find a balanced sense of your reality.

Questions to Answer: What new problem are you confronting? What is on your mind? What do you need to analyze? What is the point? Are you being just and fair? What decision do you need to face? Can you determine the truth of the matter? What legal, writing or research opportunities have been presented to you?