The Chariot (R) - Your approach of will-power has proven unsuccessful - this situation is out of control. Be alert to situations which indicate the wrong use of your energies - recognize the negative vibrations of unfairness, force and pressure. Become sensitive to those involved in your situation who have no concern or consideration. Recognize that you are wasting your energy when you indulge in these emotions -forcing too much energy to be channeled through an overbearing attitude and the application of unnecessary force.

Seek another approach to your difficulties - will power alone cannot always sustain you. Learn to give way to the spirit within you - for your "Inner" Self is always prompting you to learn the true values of life. You can enjoy everything, but you can not possess anything - for it is not yours to possess in the first place. Unhappy thoughts are obstacles which can be overcome simply by stilling your mind. To rid yourself of the negative aspects in your life - never use your "force" in a negative way - choose to remain focused on the positive messages given by your "inner" voice, which will remove the negative in a graceful, positive, peaceful way in which everyone will benefit. It is time for you to test what you have learned - prove your abilities and in so doing prove yourself. Bring these unresolved contradictions and tensions under control.

Distortion - too much or too little. Spinning your wheels, moving in the wrong direction. Too quickly, too slowly or not at all. Lack of flexibility in movement. Running away or running headstrong into a messy situation - retreat or a foolish attack. changing jobs too often or not often enough. Not enough or too much physical exercise. Building too much, too fast. Tearing down, reducing means. Accumulation of too much baggage, too heavy for your needs. Over feathering the nest. Physically over extended or not extended enough. Overly independent or much too dependent.

Questions to Answer: What mask are you presenting to the world? What emotional reactions are you hiding? What contradictions and tensions are you struggling to maintain control over? Where have you experienced recent victory or success in your life? What progress are you making in testing your abilities in the world? Do you find yourself addicted to movement without advancements?