Death (R) - If you are feeling depressed - it is because you are stuck in your old habits and lack any real motivation. Depression and boredom conceal your "inner" fear of change. Deliberately and consciously release any excess. Remove the things which have become heavy and stagnant. Rid yourself of mental clutter. Let go of outdated ideas and excessive "thinking". Let go of any restrictive, oppressive, limiting attitudes and beliefs.

Create a space for new opportunities to come in. Accept that you need new ideas - accept that there will be success. Things WILL change with organization, time and hard work. Come to grips with your life - allow nothing to slide. Your hands may be tied - but never your mind. Make new goals, consider all the aspects of any new venture and always keep your mind actively planning for the future. You create change through your imagination and it is essential that you imagine yourself as you would like to be if you wish your "inner" powers to support you. Release yourself from your old "ego" habits. Take off the "old" mask so that a new one can be created.

All the levels of your life have been important in producing the level that you are working on now. Transformation is necessary to create the desired change - to create new growth, liberation and renewal. Release your sense of "self" now so that you can merge with the Universe. Use your inquiring mind and trust that overcoming these obstacles will lead you to knowledge and liberation. Stop fearing change and wasting your energy. Consciously direct your energy towards energizing those things that will work for you. You will never be lonely if you avail yourself to the wisdom of your Higher Self. Listen to your "inner" guide - it holds the answers to all your questions.

Can mean no change where change is needed - a "block". The negative face of fear which can be traced to the root fear of death. Physical insecurity - closely linked with matters of health, work and home. False courage at one extreme, cowardice at the other.

Questions to Answer: What do you need to let go of? What is your basic support system through this transition? What is being transformed? What new growth is now possible? What are you feeling so deeply and intensely about?