The Devil - Stop looking at your limitations as adversities. Your "actual" needs are one thing - your "fancied" needs are something entirely different. You can easily get caught up in your "fancied" needs, allowing your "inward" drives - your sexual impulses, your selfishness and your desire to control power to flow carelessly out of balance. "Feel" the sense of pressure and force when this is happening - the lack of consideration and selfishness. Re-evaluate your situation, don't make the mistake of judging people or situations only by their outward appearances or you will find yourself bound by half-truths. Always seek the inner truths. Balanced - the strength of your "inward" drives can be a positive energy source for more admirable development. Carefully examine your old views - look beneath the surface of this situation for the real truth. The materialistic viewpoint that nothing exists beyond the world of the senses is the real "illusion."

Act spontaneously without overstepping your conscious boundaries. Your actions will disrupt, yet bring about a new awakening. The more you enjoy your work - the greater are your successes. If you fear your emotions, repress your thoughts, distrust your imagination or block and judge your aggressive urges as "bad" - you create "unnatural guilt" which requires punishment and leaves you feeling powerless. It is your "belief" in guilt and the fear of your emotions which is your own denied power. Knowledge of your power comes from the natural expression of your feelings combined with vital, passionate action. "Playfully" release yourself from restrictions - use your imagination creatively to find practical solutions to your problems.

The freedom of your imagination is your ultimate power. The way to spirit leads through your desires. Your "sexual" energy is raised to a higher level, freeing you from the limitations of duality - the belief that matter and spirit are two "separate" elements. Releasing your desires without first transforming them can result in obsessions, violence and even destruction of the personality. Only a person who has achieved a deep level of inner peace and understanding can deal safely with these forces. They symbolize the life energy locked up in dark hidden areas of the "self" which can not be entered by ordinary means. We call these illusions the "Devil" because those who are not prepared to receive this energy can manifest monsters, evil or the temptation to indulge in violence as you experience a complete release of unconscious energy. This flood of energy can only come through entering hidden area with all their illusions, horrors and desires. Areas that can easily distract the unprepared from their final goal. Demons exist only for those who believe in their existence. They possess only the power you choose to give them. Master your demons - make them your servant - use the liberated energy they represent, rather than falling prey to it. Be purified of your "ego" desires and fears - you can profoundly grasp only what you love.

Love is the vital element of intuitive knowledge. Since you can not "love" evil - choose never to enter its chaotic world or you can easily loose your way. Be an "outside" observer as you begin your journey to overcome the materialistic view of life. Overcome any thoughts of misery or depression, any feelings of being chained, imprisoned or the illusion that there is no other alternative. The feelings that love has turned into a trap and you are a "slave" to your desires. The experience of shame and helplessness as you give in to your desires - which eventually result in the acceptance of a bad situation or viewing unhappy conditions as normal and actually fighting against positive change.

A "demon" exists only in the "psychic" or mind of the individual who has manifest it through the cooperation of his "will" and his "imagination". "Silence" of will and imagination are essential in overcoming the materialistic view of life. Only in silence can you "hear". The vision of "evil" is one full of disturbance, shouting and confused thoughts - the soul is left in a state of disquiet. The vision of God comes quietly and gently - instantly joy, gladness and courage rise in the soul - all thoughts remain untroubled and fear is replaced by joy and contentment - by courage, strength and calmness of thought. The soul is left in a state of tranquility which expresses the love of God. Good only radiates, as love forms an alliance with spiritual hierarchies. It is your "faith" which promotes healing - not the object you focus on. Clarity of thought and moral attitude are necessary to render a "demon" impotent. You are required to "endure" the course of real testing if you wish to convince the entities of the hierarchies of the left that their accusations are unfounded, for they do not represent evil - they are "critical spirits" whose accusations must be proven to lack foundation.

Evolution of consciousness - the higher mental, your mind is given full reign - the cutting edge of your intellect. Your full potential comes into awareness here as you pull out all the stops - temptations to push you forward. The realization that anything is possible if you are careful - the mastery of alchemy (discovery of a universal cure for disease and indefinitely prolong life...the process of transforming something common into something inexplicable or mysterious transmuting - change form, appearance or nature to a higher form - transformation.) You can have anything you wish for - but alone, you rarely have the overview and complexity of insight to know what to wish for correctly. The concept of good & evil, like every other mental concept or word opposites is just that - an abstract concept. There is no absolute good or absolute evil, but rather limits which help us define reality - the middle ground between opposites. God being the extreme end of our concept of "good" and the Devil being the extreme end of our concept of "bad" and what we work with is everything that is in-between and ALL is God. Understanding and integrating the upper and lower self, the inner and outer personality - accepting the "whole" person that you are.

Questions to Answer: What are the current boundaries and limitations in your life? What or who is obsessing you? How can you channel and structure your energies and desires in creative non-manipulative ways? What situation(s) do you need to look at with humor?