The Devil (R) - It is time for you to break loose from this misery and bondage. You no longer need to accept your situation - move toward liberation and you will emerge happier, with a more developed personality. The change has occurred - only the "feelings" of sadness, anger or depression remain to influence you. Deal with your past, use the knowledge and energy bound up in your experiences - transform them and releasing the energy contained within them. Free yourself from your past habits - your ignorance and indecision is a weakness and it is causing this instability - recognize this influence and take the necessary action against it.

Deal with your problems and avoid emotional outbreaks. Being timid will only emphasize your weakness - it is time for you to take the bull by the horns and do your own thing. The power that seems to be limiting you - is the power that will liberate you. Listen to your "inner" voice, go inside - sift out the truth from the illusion and enlighten your mind. Your emotional overindulgence has resulted in exhaustion and boredom. You have gone overboard and you need to find your balance now - start living and stop denying yourself life experiences. If you want to swim again - you must first get in the water and get wet.

This is the paradox of the practical side of what we call evil. It is the denial, the lack of recognition and acceptance that gives it its power, its very existence. Only when you cut off an integral part of yourself do you create your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Be cautious of what you deny. Only what you push into the dark can grow unnoticed, reappearing later in disguised form to terrorize you. This can be in the form of immoral or illegal acts by others directed at you or by you at others. When the mind hangs onto its separateness, refusing the opening of the third eye, the lifting of the veil, the resolution of dualities, then balance is impossible. Evil occurs only when too much attention has been paid to one half of a duality pair without enough attention to the other.

Questions to Answer: What are the current boundaries and limitations in your life? What or who is obsessing you? How can you channel and structure your energies and desires in creative non-manipulative ways? What situation(s) do you need to look at with humor?