Eight of Cups (R) - As you maintain your qualities of awareness and correct response - you must ask yourself if the time to leave has really come. Are you refusing to leave this situation - determined to hang on even though you know that you have taken all you can from it? There is an indication that this situation continues to give joy and meaning? Are you leaving this situation because you lack the courage to pursue it and take everything you can get from it? Is your pattern in life to become involved in relationships, work or projects - then run when difficulties arise or when the time comes for a genuine commitment?

The possibility of a new love interest always exists - be willing now to honor your own needs. Be receptive to your interests in material pleasures or when you have an urgent need for money. Acknowledge these needs and your desire for complete change. When you become bored with your present life style - focus all your energy on a new direction and accept that it is not the right time to settle down. You are now ready to break your over-extension habits and stop suffocating your emotional vitality. Trust that your "inner" voice will guide you as you seek the balance that will fulfill your needs and replenish your spirit. Be absolutely sure before making any changes.

Extremes - prodigality and gluttony or emotional starvation and denial. Lecherous and bothersome or inattentive. Emotional/ sexual excess or emotional/sexual apathy. Promiscuity/cheating. Emotional recklessness. Sexual addictions. Imposition, insistence on giving where it is not needed or wanted.

Questions to Answer: What do you feel weary of or dissatisfied with? What relationships or values are no longer relevant in your life? What or who is drawing on your energy and leaving you feeling emotionally drained? How can you withdraw or take time off to renew yourself?