Eight of Swords - Your "ego" represents the non-trusting, doubting, over-analytical part of your mind which is unable to make any decisions - always feeling very restricted, experiencing hurt or anxiety. Recognize now that your vision has been blocked because of the fear you feel "inside" - it is creating confusion. Trying to battle more than one issue at a time will always create indecision and cause you to waste precious energy on minor details. You are unable to think clearly now - you need help and sensible advice. Pull back now, go deep inside - seek peace and allow your "inner" voice to direct you. Stop believing you will be swamped by your emotions if you take a step toward your goals - recognize that you have done this to yourself and begin to focus on developing your potentials. Stop fearing success and power - accept the beast within you. See your abilities clearly and loose your passions - you have restrained yourself from activity long enough, avoiding the present by trying to convince yourself that there are no alternatives. These beliefs keep you hemmed in - they always provide reasons why nothing will work.

You are not being held back by direct force, but by your training - this belief in your own helplessness and your blind acceptance of what you have been taught. The recognition of your ignorance is the first step to true knowledge - without enlightenment you will never be able to say "this is the truth, this is the way things really are". Recognize now that nothing prevents you from leaving - you are bound only by your own "illusions".

Balance your mind. Use your creativity and imagination and your logic and reason in equal proportions. Integrate these opposite poles of consciousness. Structure your creative visions into meaningful order of thought and action. See both sides and seek out the common points - bring the opposition together and you will find your genius.

The objective, conscious mind reaches the limits of the lower "ego", which under the impact and pull of the higher emotions and compassion - realizes that to achieve even its most personal and self-oriented goals it must advance to a more mature "Ego" which encompasses more of the Universal Mind. The mind has opened to include extensions of the personal self with a mate and children and a widening circle of close friends. Now the circle must open even further. A variety of new challenges are presented with increased demands from your mental Karmic Contract. Your first reaction is to close your eyes to the magnitude of the tasks. Greater responsibility. The mind's role in organizing is challenged by the higher order of consciousness realized as the higher emotions' compassion and universal love bring new sensations, new data that defies rationalization. To rationalize this new process is precisely what the mind must do. With this greater ability to see the extent of order in the above, so grows the ability to see the extent of disorder in the below. The effect of the combination of the lower mental levels. Creative fruitation and self-assured expression in which the lower ego is pulsing with its potential and must pair with the maturing process of uncertainty and freedom that undergirds free will.

Questions to Answer: What actions, plans or ideas are being blocked by circumstances beyond your control? What would you like to do if you could get rid of the obstacles and blocks? Who or what could assist you to break free? What benefits do you receive by not acting? What is interfering with your creative expressions? Or your ability to communicate?