Eight of Wands - There will be acceleration in your affairs now. News is coming in and there will be "orderly growth" with much cosmic help. You are coming to the completion of your goals - you have reached the end of your journey and your efforts will now be completed as messages are exchanged, action is taken, proposals are made and accepted and mutual settlements will be reached. Any block or obstacle that you are experiencing internally or externally can be transformed or resolved now if you communicate directly, for you have found your focus and have the ability to express your energies creatively.

Your goals are within reach and new ideas will bring satisfactory conclusions. Enthusiasm can sweep people off their feet and get them moving with you. Your freedom of speech and personal expression are vital to you; however - unleashed, your imagination can flow unchecked - a burst of energy felt as an "urgency to get moving" or a frenzy of activity. Gentle these impulses with quiet meditation and the effort of self-control. Blend all of your opposite traits and skills into a harmonious whole. Establish and affirm the vision of perfect harmony. Find your genius - inspire, relax and heal others - help bring them into their own harmony.

Here is the level of emotional drive and commitment to matters spiritual. The love of God moves you as the higher emotions put you to work for the Spiritual Plane. Major creative/spiritual breakthroughs are possible. Rapid growth, High level of energy and strong sense of purpose. Your course is well plotted and you busy yourself now implementing it. Spiritual activities increase as devotional and ritual assume greater significance and take up more time and space in your regimen. Your spiritual foundation is on the move, agile and light on its feet. The same penchant for order that ran through the level of Fours is at work here, only more so, but there is little pause for order in and of itself. Here, order is the expected norm and is maintained per diem ingrained into your habits. No pauses are necessary to put things in order. One foot walks on the foundation above in spirit, the other foot walks on the foundation below on earth. This power is especially formidable in the Suite of Wands, where the Eight acts as receiver from above, transmitter to below. The means for expressing these messages permeate the world of the artist, the writer, the sage/teacher and the gifted channel/medium. The energy of Tantra Yoga contributes here. inner, spiritual communication.

Questions to Answer: What are you rushing into? A relationship, a new direction for growth, a belief or philosophy? What are you being "carried away" by or overwhelmed with? What do you feel the urge to move on quickly? What do you need to tell others about?