The Emperor - To BE something, to KNOW something and to BE CAPABLE OF something is what endows a person with authority. Retain your inner balance now and from the exhaustless riches of the Limitless Substance - you can draw all things needful, both spiritual and material. Spiritually - aspire your highest goals, mentally - build according to a logical and practical set of plans, physically - act upon your goals and plans, emotionally use your anger to motivate you and you will achieve your visions.

Reason is the function of your conscious mind - handle your affairs in a systematic manner and you will know concrete results. You will experience the wisdom and authority necessary to produce stability, solidity, organization and foundation. If you wish for Spirit to manifest itself, it is necessary for you to create a space of "emptiness" for Spirit to use to assist you in focusing on the truth and to achieve this, you must be willing to put aside your personal opinions. If you wish to receive a revelation of truth - you must put aside your personal development and allow yourself to be guided by the Master.

God governs the world by authority - not by force. The Emperor owes his authority not to his power "over" human beings - but because he represents them before God - he has authority because he is human and represents all that is human and the more truly human you become - the more you manifest the "image and likeness of God". (Genesis 1:26) To write your own "constitution" - clarify your objectives and give meaning to your life. Accept the spiritual responsibility for yourself and do not shrink from your desires and passions. Once you have defined your goals - put all your powers and faculties together so that they become available to you in practical ways - then you can manipulate them in the direction of your heart's desire. Oversee your work to insure that it is solid. Your place in the scheme of things is to wake up to your specific reason for being here in this place and time. You come to know who you are, by learning who you are not. The imperatives of your physical body, the aspirations of your mind, the passions of your heart, the limits and opportunities of the world and the pull of your spirit, must all be represented and consulted in any decision-making process.

You are free to believe or not to believe, for nothing can compel you to have faith - there is no physical torture or logic that can force you to believe, to recognize or accept the authority of God - however, once accepted - the divine power can manifest itself and the powerless become powerful. Stability allows for spiritual development, however - if you lose touch with your passions, your life soon becomes cold and barren. The crucial test in the process of maturing is to absorb the rules, traditions and beliefs you have been taught and then go beyond them to find your own personal code of conduct.

Recognize the power of society, its laws and its authority to enforce those laws - then order your thoughts and energies and seek stability as you allow yourself to experience wholeness and unity within yourself. You are entering a time of stability and order which will open you to creative energy. Maintain dominion over your mind, your emotions and your body. Continue to practice and make use of your "spiritual exercises" if you wish to awaken the deeper layers of your consciousness. Focus on achieving the state of concentration without effort, which is followed by "inner" silence. This "inner" silence becomes inspired thought as your conscious unites with the super conscious. Your conscious receives the inspired thought, then reviews and summarizes it. The aim of "spiritual exercise" is depth - what a person KNOWS is the result of personal experiences - while the "depth" and extent of that knowledge is what you have "in common" with others. It is only after having asked, sought and knocked - having received, found and gained - that one truly KNOWS.

Physical origin of the spiritual plane representing the concept of the divine right of kings. The obedience of the Emperor to God and the obedience of man to God through the earthly administration of the Emperor. The origin of duty and conscience. A master at the science of influence - the political spirit. Male authority figure with ultimate responsibility for making things work in the physical world. There is no earthly authority higher and no responsibility greater than this. The buck stops here. Here is structure and foundation. The magnet that holds society together. The person we rely on for fair judgement and intuitive common sense. The leader among leaders. The epitome of self-sufficiency, so efficient that he can provide for the needs of his loved ones and all others who require his help. ZEN - discipline and foresight to accomplish goals in the here and now with keen awareness of past, present and future. Interplay between dependence and independence - the one and the all - the gentleman.

Questions to Answer: Where do your ambitions lie? What are you organizing, building, doing? What kind of Emperor are you - energetic and imaginative or rigid and unreceptive? Who is establishing guidelines, parameters and structures in your life? Who has the power and authority and how is it being used?