The Empress (R) - Emotionally preserve the essence and quality of life; mentally give birth to new ideas; physically nurture your life creations and spiritually protect them with a healing and compassionate hand.

Release yourself - hold on to your beliefs and "FEEL" the power inside you - allow the opposites to come together in conscious love and awareness. Recognize that feeling insecure or experiencing career setbacks are wasted energies that result in feelings of despair and failure - unproductive activity that will effect your home and your income. When this occurs, you need to seek "inner" council - seek answers to your questions and the solutions will present themselves. Knock and you will be allowed to enter. You can not retreat from your feelings - reject or deny your emotions or suppress your desires. You must solve your emotional problems through your intellectual awareness by calmly thinking through them and allowing yourself to experience a more stable and rewarding balance.

Too much or too little, leads to imbalances that must eventually be corrected. Imbalance in teacher/student principle - must input and output information equally so that we must all find our teachers and our students. Over or under administration, too much or too little authority in a given situation. Objective information must be balanced with intuition. Too much logic or not enough, over or under organized.