Five of Cups (R) - Your emotional state has turned to sorrow as a result of this disappointment. You feel as if your dreams have been dashed and broken. Think carefully before making another major decision. You can not change what has happened.

Continue to believe that the obstacles to love can be overcome - that you have only experienced the limitations and there is still hope. Allow your tears to flow and question what you have learned from this experience. Tomorrow brings a new dawn and things will look better as courage blossoms from your broken dreams. Life is never what it seems - there is always "hope" - this experience is not the end but an opportunity for a new beginning. Focus on happy news - make a conscious effort to let go of this disappointment. Focus all your energy on a new beginning - consider a new home or working environment and start building new ideas. You have learned well from past experiences - accept your loss and accept the support from others. Look forward to new friendships, new interests and new occupations. Take time to "see" what remains important to you even in the face of this sorrow and pain -focus on what remains for it is the solid basis of your life.

On the negative side of this coin are things like carelessness, inconsiderate of others feelings, frivolous behavior, emotional immaturity, wasting creative potential, unharnessed energy - looking at the emotional/creative losses instead of gains. The glass is seen as half empty rather than half full. Sadness, disappointment, frustration, guilt/shame, hesitation when inappropriate. Difficulty letting go, attachment. Problems of the disoriented, unsureness of the mind affecting the Emotional Plane.

Questions to Answer: What does it seem you have lost? What do you despair over? What are you disillusioned or disappointed with? What do you feel sorry about? What are some possible alternatives to what you have lost? What awaits your attention? What have you learned from your mistakes?