Five of Pentacles - You are experiencing worry - concern about the external things involving communication, health, finances, creativity, work and relationships. Take time to review what is happening in your life and what you really want. You are allowing your heart to rule your thinking - your emotions are involved and you can not see just how good life can be. Challenges of deprivation, insecurity and exclusion allow you to experience the upset that occurs when every effort towards stability is denied and everything you want to hold on to is taken from you. They help you recognize the transitory nature of physical and material desires.

New opportunity awaits, new possibilities - a better way will now be presented. Recognize that strategic review, regrouping and realignment are all necessary steps of forward progress. Channel all your thoughts and energy into your spiritual development, for it is here you will find rest and relief. When your home, work or security is threatened - choose how to handle it. Work at your situation slowly and steadily, trying different things until you get a combination that holds together and despite the hardships, you will continue to progress towards your goal and your rewards will be as great as your belief in what you can achieve.

Here is the paradox of freedom and uncertainty, a multiplicity of choice at the physical/material level, in matters of health, work, transportation, finance - things that constitute hard reality. The dilemma: How to preserve order and discipline while moving forward? This card represents that movement but the activity in this phase is within a limited range, while there is pause for reparation, taking stock of your physical world before committing. Which among the good choices is yours? Here are things like: flexibility, versatility, patience, relaxation (no need for movement/action), curiosity, carefreeness, independence. But there is inherent restlessness in this stasis, a positive instability that will eventually necessitate change. This is a time for repairing the nets so that you will be ready when the fish come. The self is adjusting to an increased demand on the soul, to give priority to others as well as self, primarily family and friends. The ambivalence is seen in the fact that five derives from the combination of 2 and 3 (the duality of emotional/mental) or the combination of 1 and 4 (the duality of physical/spiritual).

Questions to Answer: What are your survival concerns? What changes are you having difficulty dealing with? What have you chosen to give up or do without? Why? What are you worried or anxious about? What conventions/traditions are you rebelling against? What inequalities or injustices are you trying to change?