Five of Pentacles (R) - Accept this Karmic lesson and understand your burdens. Don't give up - look for the new opportunities created by this "set-back". Recognize that "worry" takes you to the future or to the past and has you totally avoiding the present. Stay in the present and handle things as they come up. Don't get pulled into the "what-ifs" of tomorrow or the "if-onlys" of yesterday. You are experiencing a deep spiritual need - go deep within and seek "inner" council. Your preoccupation with the past and the future has you totally avoiding the issues at hand. When you have accustomed yourself to suffering - a collapse can release you. Whether or not you can build something more positive from the collapse depends on yourself and the influence and opportunities around you. When you find things difficult to understand - show more empathy and do not allow your sense of "pride" to stand in your way. Remain positive and look ahead - your present situation is never permanent.

Not using the positive potential of a period of rest. Too much movement when stillness is required. Restlessness itself, hastiness, carelessness. Looking at physical losses instead of gains - this is an effect of mind on the Physical Plane. At one extreme there are things like apathy, ambivalence, laziness, stagnancy and the problems that derive from lack of movement. When money doesn't move the economy falters - personal finances suffer. When you do not exercise your muscles - they atrophy. If you don't move the proper foods through your body, your health suffers.

Questions to Answer: What are your survival concerns? What changes are you having difficulty dealing with? What have you chosen to give up or do without? Why? What are you worried or anxious about? What conventions/traditions are you rebelling against? What inequalities or injustices are you trying to change?