Five of Wands - You are feeling the stress of continuous competition - finding your ideas being continually tested through conflict and disagreements. You see life as a continuous battle. Always question authority - be firm and state the facts to clarify the situation and get the cooperation you require. Every form of oppression is an opportunity for liberation. Overcome the obstacles and you will know victory as you recognize that "negativity" confines your spirit. Discussions can be invigorating, giving you the opportunity to contribute your ideas and teach others what you know - but you must be willing to see a broader picture than just your own point of view. Stop trying to destroy or end the battle - begin to seek to find an outlet that will allow you to compete for the sheer joy of action. Live in the radiance of your spirit and you will soar. Free yourself from your self-made limitations by seeing yourself accurately.

Here is the paradox of freedom and uncertainty - a multiplicity of choice at the spiritual level as you have moved on from the foundation of the Four of Wands, yet not far enough to know your ultimate direction. The movement of non-movement - an active pause. Paradox begins to play a bigger role on your path. With the Four of Wands you feel you have a reasonable grasp of the situation - here, you feel humbled by the magnitude of the potential and tasks at hand and to come. Similar to the come-down you feel when you graduate from high school and first set foot on a university campus. Here is where you test your wings to see if you are ready to fly. There is unlimited freedom to choose and therein lies the nature of the new struggle. You must defend your belief structures to date, even against yourself, as you dredge it all up for review. Validation of principles, spiritual options. A possible or likely reordering of priorities. The struggle to rationalize the intuitive. As the self expands, its struggle to include others, principally very close loved one and friends, before it can enter more universal waters. The duality of the Physical/Spiritual.

Questions to Answer: How and with whom are you competing? What obstacles are you confronting? How do you present your ideas to others? With whom are you quarreling or arguing and over what? What are you so excited about? What games are you playing?