Five of Wands (R) - Deal with your frustrations - these feelings of being restricted, contained or held back. When you are confronted by differing ideas - it creates confusion over what you are doing - your battle then lacks organization and unity. You need the cooperation of others if balance is to be achieved. See if the problem is your own conflicting beliefs. Adjust and reassess this situation - seek cooperation and move towards the creative endeavors that will allow you to express yourself fully. Maintain your balance - concentrate on finding a concept that will bridge varying beliefs and allow you to co-exist with others which will create new vibrations of peace and love. You will feel the sense of harmony which will create exciting new opportunities. Prepare your mind now - allow yourself to enjoy the generosity and attention you receive from others. Awaken to your self-awareness and release your confined spirit.

New - The mind is a strong influence and here its negative effects include: attachment to old forms with an attendant defensiveness to new input; a temptation to over rationalize the issues. Spiritual recklessness, carelessness, restlessness. Non-conformity to your correct spiritual group, guides - the reluctant student. Moral dilemmas. Amorality. Difficulty with challenges of the path. On the one hand spiritual apathy, on the other unnecessary spiritual forays.

Questions to Answer: How and with whom are you competing? What obstacles are you confronting? How do you present your ideas to others? With whom are you quarreling or arguing? And over what? What are you so excited about? What games are you playing?