The Fool (R) - Your wonderful qualities have become blocked, distorted and channelled in the wrong direction. Is your disappointment based on your emotional attachment to your expectations, hopes or dreams? Have you failed to follow your own instincts, refusing to take a "chance" at a crucial moment - choosing to listen to the practical advise of others?

Explore all the aspects of life - use the energetic essence of who you are - be curious, ask questions and seek the answers within, then listen to your "inner" instruction and know without fear. Recognize that no action or attitude is right or wrong, except in its proper context. Always maintain your expectation of a result that would normally be impossible - even when everything "seems" negative - always expect the impossible! Seek and find within yourself the desire that most represents yourself and cultivate it at the expense of everything else.

You have but one unique path which is yours and yours alone to follow. When you feel good about something - when everything seems to work better - you KNOW you are doing what is right. Trust and release your fears now. Always ask yourself if you have made the right choice and accept that even you can be wrong. When you are discontented or lacking in motivation, review things. If something is causing you concern - have the courage to discuss it, then be strong and listen to your "inner" voice - do not listen to others at these times. Before you make your next move - ask yourself if you are happy with things so far?

New - Indiscriminate use of knowledge - irresponsibility. Misplaced humor. Foolishness. Someone who knows better and yet for reason of whim or malice, or simple neglect - chooses to go against his own knowledge.

Questions to Answer: In what area of your life are you operating entirely on faith and trust? Where are you going? What are you feeling foolish about? What would be fun to do if you could do anything you wanted?