Four of Cups - If you wish to experience emotional fulfillment - re-evaluate things. You have become bored, you are in need of motivation. You are not making any effort because you have become dissatisfied with your achievements and the things of this world. Allow things take their natural course - trust in God to create the necessary changes and allow this situation to be, so that it can regenerate. Rest and meditate and you can receive insights and messages from your unconscious.

You are seeking a spiritual level of satisfaction. You feel weary and disgusted with your present circumstances. Your intuition has been halted by your lack of focus or sense of purpose and this indulgence in your emotions has led you to dissatisfaction and exhaustion. Go slowly now in any emotional matters - your apathy has resulted from a dull, unstimulating environment. You are bored only because your curiosity has not been piqued and your project has become meaningless to you.

Anger is great energy - use it productively. Use your frustration to help you move forward - convert your anger into progressive energy and use it to understand what you fear. Take this time to be with nature - observe its natural rhythms and you will be rejuvenated. Remain open to the new opportunities that life is offering you now - they will lead to happiness and satisfaction.

Centered, you are serene in the knowledge of your emotional blessings. An emotional/creative plateau that will serve as your foundation. Emotional stability and confidence. Healthy acceptance and love of "self". Primary relationships are under control and supportive of your desires and needs. You know the love you need will always be there. You manage your talents well. Friendliness, faithfulness, loyalty and trustworthiness - trust and respect. Peace of heart.

Questions to Answer: How do you feel dissatisfied? Where do you go to find peace and serenity? How is this time of withdrawal and contemplation benefiting you? What are you re- evaluating in your life and relationships? What are you fantasizing about and what can you do to realize your fantasies?