Four of Cups (R) - Results are happening - people are hearing you - allow yourself to "feel" when a new relationship is possible. Awaken to the world and all its possibilities - always expect that there will be a positive change and stop worrying. New opportunities will now be offered - new relationships and new ideas. Trust and believe that your ideas are good and have a little more patience. Believe in yourself and when it "appears" nothing is happening, always prepare your mind for an exciting turn of events. You will experience enthusiasm - seize this opportunity -you will experience the balance of feeling internally satisfied and fulfilled as well as external emotional fulfillment.

See what happens as a built-in opportunity to re-direct your angry energy. Recognize that you can be volatile and dangerous. Choose not to hurt others or tear down your creations in a moment of anger - use this energy to move forward toward your goals.

New - Extremes. Uncentered emotionally. Unappreciative of your blessings, of your present emotional lot in life. Here can be apathy, complacency, moodiness, over-satiation. Too much self-love (vanity) or too little (self-deprecation). Overly submission or overly dominant. Possessiveness. Disrespect. Looking at the wrong things. Emotional possibilities, offerings that you are unaware of, even in the subconscious. Can be in the nature of a "chance of a lifetime" opportunity.

Questions to Answer: How do you feel dissatisfied? Where do you go to find peace and serenity? How is this time of withdrawal and contemplation benefiting you? What are you re- evaluating in your life and relationships? What are you fantasizing about and what can you do to realize your fantasies?