Four of Pentacles - Power and vitality - the ability to empower oneself and others. The gift of drawing to you the resources you need, combined with the ability to apply your full power in practical and tangible ways. You are fond of being in charge - you like power and will work very hard for money. You possess sound judgment in business matters and have well-rounded goals. You consolidate your power so that you act with assurance, but you must feel secure in your sense of worth - for only then do you have a sense of humor about yourself.

In response to the troubles you have experienced, you have turned your focus to giving yourself a protective layer against any economic problems that might arise in the future - excluding others through your need for personal security and literally blocking yourself from the world around you. No matter how self-centered you try to make yourself - you will remain vulnerable to life. Accept that this selfishness is necessary now, for it is giving you time to re-structure and give meaning to the chaos and material universe you have experienced through meditation. Follow your enthusiasm. Put your spirit into action - exercise and express your talents and dreams. The first step is always the hardest - seek within you the courage and strength to take it!

New - Physical foundation and stability. Here is a reaping of the rewards for having become well centered physically/materially. This can be the completion of a significant physical phase, with the security of your accomplishments to back you up. This is establishment in its most colloquial sense. Physical confidence, excellent physique, physical and fiscal balance and security. Achievement of good health/wealth. Dependability and reliability, physical/material control.

Questions to Answer: What is keeping you centered? What are your greatest strengths? How are you powerful? What gives you a sense of security? What do you want to hold on to or possess? Who or what do you need to protect?