Four of Pentacles (R) - Emotional excess - you have acted without giving yourself time to think. The energy has been released - allow yourself to experience the generosity and freedom as you begin to give your life some structure. Grasping material possessions to tightly only closes you off from personal development. Honor your inner and outer limits now. Once you have become completely centered and stable within yourself, having found the security "within" - you will no longer need to hold onto anything in the material world. You will recognize that when you are confronted with loss or obstacles, you need only establish new plans and have them ready. Opposition can delay future plans, so when a situation is unstable - put a halt to unnecessary spending.

New - Contentment of the moment may lead to an important oversight. Greed and other forms of physical insecurity not justified by circumstances - miserliness out of fear that you will not have enough for yourself. Refusal to use your money or resources - hanging on to them will eventually lead to ruin, just as a body not used - atrophies. Acquisitions in order to impress rather than for true personal appreciation. An undesirable turn on the physical path. Abuse of physical power and position - physical abuse.

Questions to Answer: What is keeping you centered? What are your greatest strengths? How are you powerful? What gives you a sense of security? What do you want to hold on to or possess? Who or what do you need to protect?