Four of Wands - Completion - a new beginning. You have done well, perfected your work and you will know harmony, satisfaction and peace. Make plans to enjoy the results of your hard work. If you have been enjoying romance - you could be laying the foundations for marriage - it will be a satisfying union. Your mind is active, creative and superior now - past activities will begin to peak, rewards will be received for your past efforts and prosperity will reign.

Rise above your present situation and you will feel a sense of completion, the welcomed renewal that comes when opposing energies finally harmonize. Treat these moments as a cleansing time - celebrate and generously share the fruits of your labor - show appreciation to those who supported you. Free yourself from whatever it is that is keeping you from being all that you can be. Allow your higher spirit to help you as you aspire to help others. Celebrate life at every turn - allow yourself to enjoy the rewards you receive as you move through each developmental stage of your life and accept the responsibility of the new levels. You will now experience a domestic environment filled with Spirit, optimism, eagerness and celebration as you are swept along by joy - moving from a defensive situation to one that is open and honest. Your optimism and love of freedom carry you now - together with others - out of your walled city and into the light.

You are an initiate enjoying the comfort of being spiritually centered on your path, secure in the knowledge of accomplishments satisfying the Karmic Contract. Spiritual foundation for future work in this incarnation. Your course has been established and proven. Feedback is excellent. Your position feels strong and correct. Strong value system in place. There is justifiable celebration. Here are religious and spiritual holidays, mystagogia, fellowship - thanksgiving for what you have received and will receive. Practicing your faith. Utilizing, integrating ritual into daily life. The time for counting your blessings. Profound honesty in all relationships. The balance and harmony indicated, suggests that the lower levels - Mental, Emotional and Physical are balanced as well. Spiritual self-confidence, dedication, order, control, discipline, confirmation - a theology.

Questions to Answer: What are you bringing to completion? What role is "ritual" or ceremony playing in your life? What have you integrated into your life? What Rite of Passage are you experiencing and how are you celebrating it? What are you celebrating?