The Hermit - You withdrew from the outer world for the purpose of activating your unconscious mind and awakening your "inner" Self. Ask and it will be given - seek and you will find - knock at the door and it will be opened to you. Guidance and help are always available. A teacher, a therapist, your own dreams or a spiritual guide evoked from within yourself will show you how to begin the process and help you find your way. The ultimate responsibility is yours - seek "inner" counsel about the future. Seek answers to your questions. You can solve the situation by experimenting - just take it easy and use discretion until you are completely sure.

The hermit may withdraw from society to shut out distractions in order to complete spiritual and temporal work - but, he never withdraws from humanity. He continues to give shelter and blessings to travellers, he gives wisdom to the knight on his spiritual quest and he is an example - the guide, always assisting others in transforming their lives. He is someone you trust without reserve, someone you love without limit - he reduces the energy around himself to silence, understanding the higher sphere of spiritual harmony - choosing to create light, silence and certainty. Belief is a feeling of certainty. Confidence is the absence of "doubt". Hope is optimism. Combined they represent the union of thinking, feeling and desire with God - miracles are the fruit of this union.

It is essential to your self-sufficiency to perceive where you are in life and to make critical life- direction decisions by yourself. You have made the climb, made your way from opinion to opinion, from belief to belief, from experience to experience and you travel the balanced road of peace. You have come to know the "feeling for truth" and in your heart - action and contemplation are united. Knowledge has become will and will has become knowledge. Use your work as a spiritual path to achieve your higher destiny. Share your wisdom with those who follow - teach them to discard the useless, unnecessary elements on their path, so that they will achieve mastery of "Self", representing completion and clarity.

To be yourself derives from choice - examining all thought and feeling, then using the light of your conscious mind and the power of your emotions to concentrate your focus on the results you want. You use your active imagination to move concepts in and out of your mind and project the images in the direction you desire. Your imagination bridges the gaps. Instinctive knowledge and self-realization come from riding your emotions, which lead you to further creative psychological activity. You learn who you are through your creations. If you wish to move forward - arrange your life in a way that will allow you to approach any study in a special way, for only then will you experience ecstasy. Take your time and do your work right with correct planning, properly sowing, constant nurturing and timely harvesting.

Confront and pass through the darkness and mystery that is being presented and enter into the light. A guide will appear at the start of your journey, after you have found the strength to begin. Your mind is rich with symbols, with joy, with the light and love of the spirit. Before you can comprehend these things you must first experience "silence". Seek out the spirit guide who will teach you to heal and help you in your self-discoveries. Look carefully at the people around you and through your techniques of meditation, psychic discipline and analysis - the hidden parts of the psyche will be allowed to speak to you as you open yourself to your "inner" awareness - transferring your thoughts and attention from "getting and spending" to your "inner" needs. To achieve this requires emotional withdrawal from the people and "activities" which you consider "all important". When you are involved in helping others find understanding - focus your thoughts on your role as a guide and teacher.

Withdrawal in order to get a wider and more objective perspective. The mind's ability to create duality and acceptance of the responsibility to resolve it. An "eye" for an "I," the ability of self to see self, which is impossible without the background of other. Proper memories of the Past balanced with proper projections for the Future. The ability to see inward as well as outward and in equal portions. Formulation of personal philosophy and goals. An important mental pause, a plateau after a significant period of development (assimilating others' views), before going on. Wisdom gained through solitude and silence; the sage in mental seclusion. The gifts of patience and prudence. The impact of instincts on mental processes abates and the impact of intuition increases. Where you have leaned heavily on the situations surrounding your birth package and the conditions of your environment - you now take charge and consciously begin to affect and effect your own future. Your sense of time and purpose is strong as you seek to know and implement the purpose of this incarnation. You begin to realize the contents of your Karmic Contract and to plan and act accordingly. Foundation of the healthy Ego. Autonomy. Formulation of beliefs.

Questions to Answer: What are you doing with the time you have to yourself? What are you looking for or what do you need to know? Who can help you find out? What concerns about time do you have? What do you need to keep silent about? What would be the prudent thing to do? What do you need to complete?