The Hermit (R) - You are creating too much resistance, refusing to accept or listen to good counsel and this is creating the tension you are experiencing within yourself. Do not allow your "ego" to get between you and your good, common sense. Swallow your pride, stop your activities and take the time to think things over. Make your plans carefully before moving forward - be receptive to the times when you see that there is a lack of communication. Recognize that you may be consciously trying to cut yourself off from others -trying to tell yourself that no one seems to care. You are only avoiding the responsibilities of doing something with your life when you hang on to meaningless activities or try to imitate enthusiasm. Change your attitude and things will begin to look better. You can not soar like the eagle you are, when you are bound up in a cage. Become involved in life again. It is not your outer circumstances that must change, but the way you look at them that makes the difference.

Anomie, which is social or personal unrest due to a lack of purpose or ideals. The word "hermit" comes from the Greek "erimos" meaning "desert." Man is anything but a desert unless in the process of separating in order to find himself he gets lost. He must then depend on the light of another, ultimately in grace, to bring him back.

Questions to Answer: What are you doing with the time you have to yourself? What are you looking for or what do you need to know? Who can help you find out? What concerns about time do you have? What do you need to keep silent about? What would be the prudent thing to do? What do you need to complete?