The Hierophant (R) - A "limiting" mind does not accept the present reality, regardless of what it is. It is always unsatisfied which creates emotional disappointment and soon develops into physical setbacks. Life is a learning process - we learn from our successes and our mistakes for they represent areas for personal growth and breakthrough.

You have a keen sense of originality, you are not afraid to undertake new ventures because you have an open mind. Accept the responsibility of truly finding your own way and begin to form your own original ideas. Recognize the free spirit that glows within your soul - it is the new adventures that will make you whole. Someone will listen to your ideas - so never be afraid to speak your mind or do what you feel is best. Have the courage of your convictions - there are always new and refreshing vibrations coming into your life that will promote open mindedness and a frank outlook on life if you will just learn to be receptive to them.

Distortions - over-attachment and blind acceptance/following. Just as you are eventually kicked out of your mother's physical/ emotional nest, so too will your own mind kick you out of an outdated mental nest that is no longer comfortable. To the neurotic, this looking outside of the self for the accepted norm of behavior can become literally "the voice of God." Hegel argued that we exist only as part of a system; he called it organicism. The only problem here is Hegel's use of the word only. We exist in a system, by the grace of that system into which we are born, but then we must decide for ourselves how we want to use, to adapt, to change that system and so pass it on to the next generation. Some of us choose a personal system very much like our parent/ predecessors, but we must choose it not blindly follow it. Others of us strike out on very different paths from the map handed to us.

Questions to Answer: Who are you looking to for assistance, direction or learning? What law or rule do you feel you have transgressed and who would hold you accountable? What traditions are you upholding? What traditions are you rebelling against? What are you learning? How do you express your feelings?