High Priestess - The Magician produces concentration without effort - a pure act of intelligence. Only through "reflection" can we become conscious of this pure act as it produces an "inner" awareness which is retained in your memory. Intellect alone - not fertilized by imagination and guided by the heart - is sterile. There is always activity beneath the surface - the whole picture can not be seen at this point - there is much depth. Within your unconscious mind, there is pure knowledge from the past - use your intuition and you will receive spiritual inspiration. The High Priestess represents "reflection" - she is the wisdom which builds your house. Your dreams and meditations bring to the surface the hidden, subconscious past and future.

Develop your philosophical sense - practice it and begin to "write your book". All memory is recorded in your subconscious mind - probe below and get to the bottom of things. Keep the opposites in balance - be still, remain patient and reflect. God has much more to reveal to you. Consciousness results from two things; the "active" or question, which activates a principle and the "passive" or answer, which reflects it. Be true to yourself, never compromise your visions and you will find that which you seek. You are the peacemaker and you can see both sides - recognize that elements are at work that are not obvious on the surface. Listen to your "inner" voice - it will allow you to see the whole picture and arrive at a sensible response to the question of what it is you really want. The language of the Master is love - not psychology, philosophy or science. Pure intellect only reflects, while LOVE "acts". Spirit is neither intellect nor imagination - it is Wisdom and LOVE combined. Happiness is your natural condition - it is your true Self - come to know it now.

The ability to remain passive is power - it gives your mind a chance to work, to reflect on what past actions have taught you and to awaken the things inside - it allows you to remember. The transformation from one who "dares" - to one who KNOWS takes place in four stages. The first stage is a time of pure reflection when the repetition of an experience is imagined. The second stage enters this reflection into your memory. In the third stage, this memory is assimilated into thought and feeling - it becomes a "message" or an "inner word". The fourth stage is reached when this "inner word" or "message" becomes a verbal symbol or "writing".

Only through withdrawal from outer involvement is the unconscious allowed to emerge and the inner voice of vision allowed to speak. Wisdom can not be expressed in rational terms, for they limit, narrow and falsify it. Wisdom lies hidden safely beneath the smooth surface of your conscious mind and only by stirring up your dreams and visions, can wisdom return to the light of the conscious mind and intuitive understanding be conveyed.

Spiritual intuition permits contact between your consciousness and the world of pure experience - which must then be expressed outwards. To obtain this state of waking consciousness, which is the reflection of your subconscious - allow yourself to be seated. Establish an active-passive state of consciousness - a state of mind where your soul "listens attentively in silence" as you apply yourself totally to a problem or question. Be yourself in any situation - always have complete faith in your feelings and KNOW that light will soon be shed on your situation. Listen for the message, be patient and wait for the static to clear - then communicate your truth, for only in truth will you be of service to others and to yourself.

Here is the birth of duality, of energy, of prana, the feminine, of choice, of nurturing, of potential. The beginning of life in the emotional body - physical aspects of your emotions. Reproduction. Birth of rhythm and flow. Mother of Mothers. The ultimate female. In any position this may be a figure of great importance to the readee, such as a teacher or guide. The root of all feminine principles. Subjectivity, Guardian of alternatives. Knowledge of the other. Concerns of the element Water. Motivation. Fertility. This is the Gaia principle in the Physical Plane of Earth, from which comes our concept of mother Earth as the source of life.

Questions to Answer: What rhythms or cycles do you need to be aware of? What knowledge are you seeking? What do you need to remember or "discover"? What are you concealing? Is it appropriate to do so? How can you best use your intuitive, psychic or dream abilities at this time? Who is seeking your counsel, or whose are you seeking?