High Priestess (R) - You are experiencing your inner, intuitive mind - the center of all knowledge, memory and clairvoyant information. Seek it, stimulate it with your conscious mind - it contains the answers to all your questions and seeks consciousness arising through intuition, inspiration, art or emotions

Be receptive now to situations which lack any depth - when nothing is hidden and everything is seen. The nature of the mind is the nature of the spirit - be willing now to "still" your mind and allow the information to flow freely - trust the deepest core of who you are. Waste no tears on your memories. Examine every thought and do not place your trust in anyone until you have completely analyzed your whole situation. A person of weak character who is lacking in stamina will effect the kind of support you need. Completely review your situation and the people involved. If you find that you are lacking strength - KNOW that you need a deeper commitment.

Do not allow yourself to become over emotional now - it will cause you to turn to an irrational line of thought. Your mind is endlessly fruitful - learn how to use this aspect of your equipment or nothing will ever happen. Once you learn how to operate in the mind - you become creative. It is your attitude which creates suffering - change your attitude and the suffering will disappear as your interpretation of the experience will be completely different.

You have been passive too long - you are becoming cold and passionless and it has led to weakness, fear of life and fear of other people. You find that you are unable to translate your strong intuition and feeling into action because you are afraid to "open up". Do not allow yourself to become cold and passionless. Turn towards your passions, towards deep involvement with life and other people in all ways - emotionally, sexually and competitively. Your most precious knowledge is the sense of your "inner" Self.

Distortion - too much or too little physicality in the emotions, sex.

Questions to Answer: What rhythms or cycles do you need to be aware of? What knowledge are you seeking? What do you need to remember or "discover"? What are you concealing and is it appropriate to do so? How can you best use your intuitive, psychic or dream abilities at this time? Who is seeking your counsel or whose are you seeking?