King of Cups (R) - Create your own happiness - stop waiting passively for life to wait upon you. Re-assess your priorities, your loyalties and your commitments. Eliminate the "should's" and begin to move toward that which has vitality, heart and meaning. Recognize that people are not always what they appear to be - they can be powerful and put you down. Accept that there is always a possibility of double dealing or loss with any person or situation. If you feel you have been treated badly or misled - avoid any disagreements or violent emotions can emerge from your calm exterior because of the pressures caused by these outside events. Seek to find your solution by forgiving and extending compassion.

An uneasy man with emotional issues - uncaring. At one extreme - under emotional or at the other extreme - over emotional.

Questions to Answer: What feelings are you keeping under firm control? In what ways are you a care-giver or counselor? Who cares for you deeply? How have you established yourself creatively?