King of Pentacles - Mastery of prosperity, harvest, determination and abundance - a solid position. The desire to create and protect that which is financially necessary. A generous soul who is friendly, affectionate, solid, steady and can be of great help. A gifted person who has not been overcome by their position in life. Satisfied with your life, your capabilities and your achievements - success has been justified, which allows you to relax and enjoy it - remaining joyful and at peace with the world and yourself. Your achievements and productivity are direct reflections of your character - your "spirit". Honor it and become established - a force in your field of endeavor - acknowledge your power and status. Share your knowledge with others - teach, guide, advise and counsel as you contribute to the advancement of your field. Establish a firm, solid foundation. Trust your experience, take pride in your accomplishments. Enjoy your work as you enjoy yourself.

Dependable, resourceful - a can-doer. Watchful, good instincts - a good physical leader. Great endurance. Ruled by the drive of necessity. Father/provider. Maintaining security of the family or group. Practical, generous - a good manager. Eye for finance.

Questions to Answer: How are you using your ability to manage your material affairs? Who is trustworthy yet stubborn? How are you being practical and down-to-earth or who do you know that is?