King of Swords - Authority - a focused, determined, intentional mind filled with clarity of purpose and strong will which offers excellent counsel and is most reliable. The state of mind that contains no doubt, is committed to intellectual honesty and the need to put knowledge into practice. A master of wisdom compelling others to recognize and hold to the truth. You may be provided with new opportunities that will take you in a new direction. Allow new ideas, new thoughts in with no judgment or censorship. Each new moment creates an opportunity to fulfill ever-changing needs. Formulate your ideas into workable solutions, apply your thoughts and make sure they work. Move forward - go for it!

Mental, assertive, a perfectionist. Defender/protector, philosophical, studious, alert, direct - a knowledgeable leader. Tactician, soldier, father of ideas and ideals. Good planner. Ruled by the drive of necessity. Pilot, teacher, mentor, researcher. Highly informed, courageous.

Questions to Answer: Who is laying down the law? How are you using your ability to be rational, logical and analytical? Who is judging or criticizing you?