King of Swords (R) - If you wish to achieve your goal - align your focus, will and intention so that it is moving in the same direction. Recognize injustice, unfairness or an unyielding decision - remain centered and focus on maintaining your balance. Recognize authority which has been corrupted - strength used for its own ends of power and dominance. See clearly the arrogance of a powerful mind turned in on itself, recognizing only its own desire for control. See your inventiveness - put your ideas into practice and bring them into your physical reality.

At one extreme - an overly aggressive man, self-righteous or egomaniacal. At the other extreme, a weak, unassertive type with a lack of self-esteem. Too studious vs. lazy intellect. Fastidious organizer/perfectionist vs. the sloppy non-organizer. Non-stop talker vs. the silent type. Someone who never listens vs. the nosy eavesdropper. Bad planner vs. the over planner - the worrier.

Questions to Answer: Who is laying down the law? How are you using your ability to be rational, logical and analytical? Who is judging or criticizing you?