King of Wands - The qualities of strength, security and commitment to spiritual growth. A visionary who is energetic and unwilling to edit, rehearse or hold back any part of Self. Generous, but impulsive - excellent leadership qualities when channeled in the right direction. Loyal, courageous, strong, passionate, loves the traditional ways and family life. Dynamic expressions of deep internal shifts - the ability to shed old beliefs and honor the changing perceptions of Self and others. A strong-minded person, able to dominate others by strength of will. His power is derived from a firm belief in his own rightness - he KNOWS the truth; he KNOWS his method is best and he considers it only "natural" for others to follow. Naturally honest, he sees no reason or value in lies. He is positive and optimistic for the same reasons and the energy burns so strongly in him that he does not understand why anyone would wish to express negative attitudes. He is a master of creative energy, for his social commitment has tamed it and put it to use.

Do not limit yourself - remain versatile and adaptable. Play out every role - act swiftly and spontaneously - change from moment to moment while retaining your inner sense of self. Liberate your full spirit - as you channel for the great spirit, you become enlightened and enlighten others as you transcend your "ego".

Intuitive, spiritual, vibrant, fiery, introspective, humorous. Father of beliefs, benevolent, dedicated - spiritual advisor. Natural leader ruled by the drive of necessity.

Questions to Answer: How are you expressing your sense of self? How are you using your decision-making and leadership abilities? Who is controlling the situation? Who do you admire for their sense of self?