King of Wands (R) - You find yourself frustrated over your lack of achievement which has resulted from your excessive changeability. You are using psychological armor and defenses - afraid to reveal your true self and your real feelings. Take your time in any upcoming agreement before making your final decision. Prepare your mind for change - your lifestyle can be altered now, as changes occur that may turn the tide of affairs. You will experience a strong focus and directional clarity. You have become disturbed by a situation which has had a bad influence on you - your qualities have been altered as your natural energy has encountered obstacles and defeats. You have not lost your force - these experiences have helped you become tempered and more understanding of others.

You can now easily recognize the people who are inclined to be intolerant and strict in their manner - the people who could be opposing you. Remain receptive to indications of a disagreement or dispute and be the first to withdraw. Acknowledge when you are feeling uneasy and be sure that all the facts are correct. Accept that you need never allow anyone to be overly aggressive with you. You may now face the dynamic part of your "inner" assertive nature - allow yourself to "feel" your determination and apply your inspired vision without holding back in any way.

Uncentered, out of touch, erratic and misguided with distorted beliefs. No belief in the spiritual level or an addiction to the spiritual level.

Questions to Answer: How are you expressing your sense of self? How are you using your decision-making and leadership abilities? Who is controlling the situation? Who do you admire for their sense of self?