Knight of Cups (R) - Look before you leap - get the whole picture - half truths can promote difficulties in any relationship. When you allow yourself to "feel" only what is pleasurable you may be denying your "inner" self and your reality. You have mastered your desires - take advantage of your emotional energies. Be willing now to simultaneously move forward and let go - move your relationships in new directions that are emotionally enlivening as important emotional issues are resolved.

You are experiencing a negative reaction to the increased demands of the world upon you - you are a passive person being pushed towards action or commitment and you do not like it. Without "outwardly" resisting - you still resent the demands being made of you. This attitude can result in a wall between yourself and the people who are making you act out your responsibilities and if you allow it to continue - it can result in manipulation, lies and tricks.

Extremes - slow emotional growth or developing too fast. Missing emotional opportunities or overindulgence. Too sensitive or too insensitive. Creative block. Unmotivated. Inconsiderate or caring to an extreme...too cool or too hot. Taking too much energy from the group or giving them too much.

Questions to Answer: What dream, vision, ideal or love are you following? Who is inviting you on a journey of emotional significance?