Knight of Pentacles - Set achievable goals - attain your goals and be inspired. Increase and progress - always build off of each achievement and utilize your resources. Recognize that taking responsibility for your actions brings out your practical qualities - but at the same time, it is a denial of your natural desire for adventure, which narrows and distorts your attitude toward life. In dedicating yourself to purely practical matters - you cut yourself off from the deeper meanings of life. You will soon begin to feel trapped as your sense of security "seems" threatened by these conflicting desires. You wish to build solid and abundant structures - yet, at the same time, you experience a great need to move on.

It is always difficult to make a decision when everything "appears" secure. Trust that hidden horizons will always be expanded and do not to resist when the higher consciousness motivates you to better things. You are the builder of new forms and have the ability to recreate structures. Your energy is thorough, takes the time to do a good job, is trustworthy and will not experiment outside its goal. You are dynamic, youthful, love activity and have empathy with those less fortunate. Come to know the source and meaning of your strength in life - prepare yourself to face the unknown. Do or teach what you have accomplished and use your knowledge for a more constructive purpose. Reward yourself with your successes, but never be satisfied - continue to build and grow - see the future.

Dependable, resourceful, can-doer. Watchful, good instincts, good physical leader, ruled by the drive for expansion. Good brother/sister loyalty. Protective, sense of duty, loyalty, service to leader, then to cause. Practical, physically active, athletic. Outdoor and nature activities. Physical movement, physical change agent. Trade representative. The mental, expansive side of things physical. Physical training and craft apprenticeship, physical growth and physical additions. New resources. New capital. In romantic situations - someone younger than you.

Questions to Answer: Who is stable and reliably there for you? Who is committed to security and conventions? How is it going at work or on a project? What needs of your body or Mother Earth are you sensitive to?