Knight of Pentacles (R) - When money, work and other important matters seem to be at a standstill - you need encouragement. Recognize now that "fear" is the powerful force that is causing you to hold onto the secure - no matter how unpleasant your situation is. It is time for you to begin to release the people in your life who are irresponsible. Recognize that their impatient attitude affects their progress. People who are timid and make a lot of mistakes, have received some hard knocks in their lifetime and they may be seeking the security of love. Dissatisfied with everything and everyone, they are looking for a new start.

Your awareness will now awaken. Your mild personality has been taken to far, resulting in weakness and depression. You are repressing your desire for adventure and greater advancement and in so doing, the meaning has been taken away from your dedicated goals. Discouragement and depression have overcome you because you are identifying yourself with your functions. Focus on the magic - seek to discover the real source of your strength.

Distortion - unathletic vs. over athletic. Lazy vs. hyperactive. Poor worker, impractical, careless vs. overly exacting.

Questions to Answer: Who is stable and reliably there for you? Who is committed to security and conventions? How is it going at work or on a project? What needs of your body or Mother Earth are you sensitive to?