Knight of Swords - Brainstorm new thoughts without judgment or censorship. The inspired mind does not want to be limited, restricted or restrained in any way. A mind which has newly mastered creative-intuitive thinking has good intentions, but its attitude can be a little overbearing. Eagerness suggests innocence - one who has never lost a battle and still directs all energy outward - one who has yet to face the "fear" of being quietly alone with "self". You can expect to feel the strength of this mind now - it will help considerably as you move through this difficult period. Someone favors you - they will defend you and promote good vibrations.

Focus all your energy on making your point - communicate your thoughts, philosophy and ideas. Speak out and tell people how you feel. Each new moment creates an opportunity to fulfill ever changing needs. Be assertive and courageous - your faith will overcome any fear through the energy of your emotions. Release yourself from this confining or suffocating situation. Express your emotions and allow the power of these emotions to release you as you rise to the emotional level of your situation. You may "feel" inner conflict - but your emotions are beneficial and will be clarified once you have severed yourself from this negative situation. Allow yourself to experience the "true" situation - there is support available. Formulate your idea into a workable solution, apply your thinking - test your idea out and measure its worth.

Mental, assertive, perfectionist, protective, philosophical, studious, alert, direct, a knowledgeable leader. Change agent for ideas and ideals. Ruled by the drive for expansion. Missionary for ideologies and the mental work of religious expansion. Ambassador. Action-oriented, new methods, mental investment, investigative, law enforcing. Mental recreation, gambling/risk taking, curious, highly informed, cutting edge technology. The Expansive side of things mental and represents formal education/training. Defender of ideologies, student of philosophy.

Questions to Answer: Where are you charging and why so fast? What point do you feel committed to make? Who has been impatient and careless of your feelings?