Knight of Swords (R) - Continue to cut through the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that are creating blocks to your movement and the expression of your creative-intuitive thinking. Allow the limitations and restrictions to be removed by releasing your desires to actively express your creative energy. See clearly the people you must steer clear of - recognize that they can upset your plans and create trouble. When you face those who are opposed to your thoughts or plans - it is not a good time to start a new project or change your lifestyle. Continue to be patient and wait a little longer before moving forward - trust that your patience will make you a winner and allow you to restructure your relationships so that they move in new directions that are unlimited and less restrained. Allow your weakness to overtake you and you will become careless and excessive - you will experience a mistaken response to a situation which calls for a quieter more careful approach. If you do not apply them, great ideas will only spin around in your mind and never manifest into your reality.

Extremes - Unnecessary aggression or passive to a fault. Mentally stagnant. Illogical thinker or overly rational, analytical thinker. Protective to a fault.

Questions to Answer: Where are you charging and why so fast? What point do you feel committed to make? Who has been impatient and careless of your feelings?