Knight of Wands - The dynamic mastery of unlimited creative expression totally inspired from within - freed to powerfully express itself. You are capable of doing anything - never limit yourself. Be versatile and adaptable - strive for greater mastery over your mind, heart and body.

Expect someone to present thoughts or ideas which will be advantageous to you - inspiring your creativity and taking you in new directions. This is the start or finish of an important situation which may require a possible change of residence. You will feel compelled to make sudden decisions related to the important aspects of your living and working conditions - to move in new directions, to create a new beginning or venture into new fields. Thoughts are now stirring. You have the power to influence and transform, to heal - liberate your spirit. As a channel for the great spirit, you become enlightened and an enlightener - transcend your personal ego.

Eagerness, action, movement, adventure and travel need a grounding influence. Allied with a sense of purpose and aided by the influence of planning - you can provide the energy and self- confidence necessary for great achievements. Focus your mind now - concentrate, pay attention to the details if you wish to manifest your desires. The trials and difficulties will demand vigorous attention - conflict can arise if your plans are not made carefully. Your mind is positive and alert now, use it constructively.

Intuitive, spiritual, vibrant, fiery, introspective, humorous - a defender of ideologies. Change agent for beliefs. Benevolent, dedicated - a natural leader. Student of religion, enlightenment and intellectual growth. New world views coupled with intuitive action - a disciple.

Questions to Answer: How are you growing and developing? How are you taking risks? Who is radiating creative or sexual energy in your life? Who enthusiastically wants to get going on something?