The Magician - Everything is possible through the power of God. When God is involved - everything changes. The application of His Will and the courage to have faith is Your formula for success. You are well blessed and your fervent attitude will bring about what you need. You are going in the right direction - make your decisions with confidence. Fix your attention on making your dreams come true and through sheer will, using your body as a channel - allow the divine life force to flow through you into the material world so that your goal can become a reality. Your tools are your spirit - the light which illuminates, your body - healing, wealth and success, your mind - brilliant, sharp and creative and your soul - healing and beautifying. Combined they represent the creative power which transforms any obstacle into creative expression and clear communication. Be strong now - be independent and exercise your will to direct your future course.

You have the ability to communicate equally well in both oral and written communication. You know the appropriate tools that will best serve any particular situation, for you are always prompted by your "inner" Self. Allow yourself to experience the rapport of your personal effort - united with the spiritual force and brought into reality through conscious action and creation. It is time for you to manifest something real out of the possibilities in your life. Open yourself up to the spirit within you and release it - turn the energy into reality by experiencing yourself as a passive channel for the spiritual forces to work through, so they can reveal that which is necessary to know in the school of spiritual exercises and you will derive something beneficial from it. Learn concentration without effort - transform your work into play. Make every yoke that you have accepted easy and every burden you carry light.

Ground your life force into something real - "create" - produce something valuable outside yourself. Use your gifts of insight to help others find their talents, turn their situations around and bring out their greatest potentials. Be a morale booster, a supporter - make the "impossible" - "do-able"! Releasing your creative energy opens you to receiving a constant flow. Seek to become a proper channel, so you can serve your community. The essence of power is the ability to "make it happen". Remain open now - allow your "ego" to dissolve into the spirit, so that you can direct the energy that flows through you. Become aware of the power in your life - the excitement that possesses you - allow your inspirations to become a reality. Let the excitement sustain you as you work to reach your goal, focus all your energy on directing your will towards this goal. KNOW what you want and direct your energy towards manifesting it. "Act" - don't just react to the situations life is presenting you. Direct your strength to the places you want to go. Follow your own time and you will know the appropriate moment to communicate your inspirations.

Concentrate - quietly and unceasingly direct the greatest force upon the smallest point, for this is the practical key to all success in every area of your life. Concentration is only possible in a condition of calm and silence - at the expense of thought and imagination. Master the art of being silent - the art of true concentration - which is a free act in light and in peace. You can not concentrate if your "will" is infatuated with something else - reduce the "mental substance" to silence and to rest, so that it no longer hinders your concentration and there is nothing to suppress it and contemplation will become as natural as breathing - perfect calm, complete relaxation of the nerves and muscles of the body - silence of your desires and your preoccupation with imagination, memory and thought. Once silence is established in the soul - it continues when you are active, when you work or when you converse and you can draw from it both for rest and for work, producing not only concentration without effort, but activity without effort.

Transform the "work" which you consider "duty" into PLAY. Once you have found silence in solitude, you are never alone - you never bear the weight that you have to carry alone - for the forces from heaven take part and the yoke that you have accepted becomes easy and every burden light. Concentration without effort - operating with ease as if you are playing and acting with perfect calm is the first and foremost counsel in all spiritual practice. Enter the kingdom as a child - a child does not "work" - a child plays - yet, his attention is complete and undivided. Seek to attain harmony and equilibrium between the spontaneity of your unconscious and the deliberate action of your conscious, which produces creative spontaneity and deliberately executed activity. When you see the beauty of that which you recognize as true - you cannot fail to love it and in loving it - the element of constraint or "duty" suddenly disappears. Duty becomes a delight as work is transformed into "play" and concentration without effort becomes possible.

Beginning of beginnings - the evolution of consciousness. The beginning of the Physical Plane aspects of the personality. Here as life begins, all things are possible. One can make the future. This is the one before the birth of duality, representing both masculine and feminine energy behind all things, God incarnate. Here are all four Minor Arcana suits, symbolized on the table-the elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. "As above, so below," seen in the right hand raised skyward with receiving wand and in the left hand pointing to the ground. Spiritual Teacher, Master, Guide - Centered awareness. A good listener as well as communicator, interpreter. His belt is the ouroboros, a snake eating its own tail, alpha to omega, the symbol zero, every ending a beginning, the duality inherent in the non-duality of the zero. The link between life incarnate and life in death (outer and inner life). Twisted, the pre-unity of zero becomes the infinite and eternal (space and time) of the lemniscate, seen above his head. Concerns of the physical earth in the duality pair of The Magician (1) with The Fool(22/0). The Magician is the Will of Man while The Fool is the Will of God. The Magician is The Fool reborn in this life.

Questions to Answer: Where are you focusing your energy? Are your objectives clear? What skills and abilities are needed in this situation? How are you communicating with others? What do you want others to believe or see?