The Moon (R) - Deception and illusions - emotional instability are blocking your clear vision. Take no risks now - there is the possibility of misunderstanding. Make no changes - be patient and trust that things will clear up if you wait. Do not waste your energies on arguments or disagreements - hold on to your point of view and be willing to see things as they really are. Control your emotions and the situation will right itself in your favor. Stop fearing the "non-rational" and settling for a life of stagnation and sterility - allow yourself to experience your fears and they will turn to wonders as the gateway opens to new adventures. Allow your unconscious to become conscious - stop fighting it - it will not be denied.

The pitfall of over-identifying with humanity's suffering. It can indicate incomplete or inadequate accommodation of elements of the subconscious, such as the shadow personality alluded to in the description of the Devil. Lack of awareness of emotions. This would indicate an emotional "Achilles" heel. Behavior will be vague, erratic, illusive, impersonal, confused, unpredictable or uncertain. Here as with the Star inverted, you may feel a need for outside intervention.

Questions to Answer: What do your fears represent for you? What have you forgotten? What do you instinctively want to do? What kind of cycle or pattern are you repeating? Are your actions appropriate to this particular situation or are you responding to some past situation? What is bewildering or confusing you? What is real and what is illusion?