Nine of Cups - Expansive happiness of the body, mind and spirit -fulfillment, emotional satisfaction. You have learned to compromise, to release your worry and problems by concentrating on simple ordinary pleasures. Manifest your potential - you can now create your own reality with the gift of your creative imagination. You have successfully faced all the terrors on your path home and your wish can now come true. Enjoy the deep and quiet inner contentment that comes with attaining your goals. There will be much happiness - your future is assured and material gains are now possible. You will experience good health and a sense of well-being. Life will seem easier as your worries disappear and new plans materialize. You have learned to come and go from your unconscious with ease, to work with your dreams and intuitive techniques and you can now visualize what you desire with such clarity that it comes into being. You have the resources and the knowledge to nurture others along the same path you have traveled, for you now recognize that nothing serves you better than a simple good time. Let your contribution fulfill you - "feel" the spirit of life as you create with your talents and manifest your magic.

The impact of the higher mind on the Emotional Plane. With the resulting increase in emotional and creative awareness there is great comfort and joy with yourself and life in general. You have good emotional support systems in place, giving you emotional security and restorative power. Abundance of energy. Desires are being fulfilled. You are deeply compassionate and creative as you are in touch, in tune. An artistic or poetic lifestyle of the highest order. Interest and work in the arts, theater or music. Sensitivity, a dramatic personality. You may wear your heart on your sleeve. Benevolent power. Restorative power.

Questions to Answer: How have your wishes been fulfilled? What pleasures are being experienced? What do you feel smug about? What do you want to manifest in your life? Can you visualize it in detail?