Nine of Cups (R) - Greater awareness - the rejection of "surface" values. Never allow yourself to think that this is all there is! Remain loyal to your purpose, to yourself and to others. Having completed your work, prepare your mind to move on. You have the ability to integrate and balance your feelings in deep and expansive ways for your own emotional happiness and well- being and that of others and this will bring about victory and liberation.

You may be overdoing it emotionally. The emotions may have become ends in themselves, goaded on by the ego. Everything exaggerated for effect. Sensitivity to a fault; your feeling everything - pain is everywhere. You could be thriving on the pain itself, rather than recognizing pain as the initial part of the positive lesson to be learned. A person stuck here may never get beyond the pain - a nasty form of addiction.

Questions to Answer: How have your wishes been fulfilled? What pleasures are being experienced? What do you feel smug about? What do you want to manifest in your life? Can you visualize it in detail?