Nine of Pentacles - You will experience mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial profit if you choose to follow what has heart and meaning to you. Organize your life and the results will be gain, which comes as a result of unifying your wisdom with your love in a creative way which facilitates tangible gain in all areas of your life.

Recognize that you feel incomplete only because you are still seeking goals, a purpose - "inner" satisfaction. Continue to seek what you have not found and you will succeed. Complete the "work" of your self-development - have confidence in your self-discipline and patience. You are in harmony with nature around you and everything will bear its fruit in time. You are not alone now. Turn within yourself to reap the rewards of self-development. Experience your self awareness - distinguish what matters in life and what goals truly demand your best efforts. Experience the sense of certainty that comes with knowing you have made the right choices and followed them with the necessary actions - for this produces a life that is productive and alive. Success in "creating" yourself out of the material given you by the circumstances and conditions of your life - the ability to KNOW when others only guess.

Follow your goal to the end and do not allow impatience to get in the way. Materialize, manifest and realize your dreams. Harvest the fruits of your labors and prepare to plant again.

Certainty is the mark of a truly evolved person and to achieve this you have been required to give up normal companionship in order to achieve self-reliance, producing a certain loneliness in the pursuit of your goals. You have had to give up spontaneity, recklessness and wandering. If the sacrifice "appears" too great - perhaps you do not value enough the rewards of your self- development. True discipline never cripples - it allows one to soar.

You will work hard to satisfy the goals of your mind as it stretches to accommodate the universal mind. In so doing mind insists that the planes align themselves, first within themselves and then with each other. There is security of position and the ability to appreciate the benefits of good health and material success. If you so desire, a life of active leisure is possible as your personal garden of Eden is all around you. Physical well-being is protected by the power of your mind and that power is available to help others. Physical healing is possible here as an adjunct of your ability to achieve and maintain order in your Physical Plane. The conventional avenues of medicine are more common here, but other alternatives apply as well. There is good integration of your physical needs with the environment (on all levels - plant, animals and other people). There is great appreciation of nature, your actions can benefit and bring increase in the world system. Physical evidence of the work of the intellect in the form of knowledge storage.

Questions to Answer: What are you earning by your endeavors - material wealth, security, status? How are you enjoying what you have earned? How are you spending your leisure time? How do you give thanks for all that you've gained?