Nine of Pentacles (R) - Utilize your communication, healing and inspirational gifts to re-evaluate your situation. You have gained much from your past experiences - analyze your goals and desires and trust that meditation will give you the answers. Ask for help with your affairs and you will find guidance in your prayers. When you "appear" to be entangled in a difficult situation - center yourself within, seek "inner" guidance and the solution will be presented. Move one step at a time - use your energy, vitality and assertion to remain flexible and open to new opportunities. Use the power of your communication and leadership skills to bring success to all concerned. Follow that which has heart and meaning. Trust in your own authenticity and truth - organize things and become magnetically open to following your true hearts desire. Failure, wasted work and saturation comes from lack of discipline. KNOW and recognize what you want - what really matters to you, then channel your energy into useful purposes.

Various forms of improper understanding/use of this level of comfort, such as allowing yourself to become overly dependent on others, even to the extreme of becoming a "kept person". There can be improper use of intelligence and knowledge of nature, leading to a decrease in the world system. Here we find smug, complacent, lazy behavior.

Questions to Answer: What are you earning by your endeavors - material wealth, security, status? How are you enjoying what you have earned? How are you spending your leisure time? How do you give thanks for all that you've gained.