Nine of Swords - Analyze your situation carefully now - focus on your priorities and forge ahead. Confront your fears, experience the grief and allow yourself to heal. Complete the process by transforming your pain. Experience pain -identify the "source" of the emotions you are experiencing and then you will know what it is you must change. Stress and depression are the last despair of your rational mind before new possibilities break through from the unconscious and allow it to flow freely. Concentrate on what is most important for you to complete. Immerse yourself completely and totally in your work. Trust in yourself and the course you have committed to.

The higher mind takes aim at its own plane. Mind is now keenly aware of self and of the magnitude of what it has asked to be privy. It has asked for and been given access to a level of knowledge which has a commensurate level of responsibility that now demands the letter of the law. The more you know, the more you owe and the more you know, the more you know you do not know and will never know. The only game over which mind can exercise free will in how well it exercises its duties as the caretaker of what it knows. That is a matter of wisdom, the mastery of the management of knowledge. Knowledge and responsibility are Siamese twins - one cannot live without the other, for they share one heart. One cannot carry out responsibility without the knowledge to do so and one cannot be truly knowledgeable without responsibility - because responsibility is inherent in every piece of information. Responsibility is natural, unless it is selectively blotted out by the mind, skillfully separated by the surgical scalpel of potentially errant free will. You take a hard look at objective progress as your goals demand that they be attempted in earnest, if not met. But this mind is not interested in any excuses, from you or anyone else - this is a "pass in review" for what you have achieved, in some cases an actual list- making exercise. Deep conscious thinking and non-thinking - meditation. The ink is drying on your philosophy and goals for this lifetime. Here is the impact of idealism and you will be tough on yourself. This is a time of major decisions, decisions which select a major fork on your path. On these decisions you must build - they are one-way gates through which you will never pass again. You may see here the theoretician, psychologist, philosopher, mathematician or scientist.

Questions to Answer: How are you putting yourself down? What is the source of your depression? What are you suffering from? How have you been cruel and thoughtless or who has been cruel and hurt you? What can you do to improve the situation? What thoughts or nightmares are plaguing you?